I can not recommend Sally’s hypnobirthing course enough. My partner and I did the 1-1 course and found it informative, relaxed and really fun. 

Sally is passionate about hypnobirthing which shone through when we had our sessions. She really cared about our thoughts and preferences, and she helped us to apply the approach so that we can get the most from the birth of our second baby. 

The course is a great mix of theory, birth stories, mp3s, relaxation practices, visualisations, breathing practices, scripts and film clips. 

Sally gave us resources so that we could practice what we’d learned outside of her sessions. We’ve developed some amazing techniques that we just wouldn’t have developed had we not attended the course. 

We are both so excited for the birth of our baby. 

Thank you Sally for helping us to feel this way.

Emma and Matt

Sally’s hypnobirthing classes completely changed my mindset towards labour and giving birth. I have gone from feeling unprepared, bewildered and anxious to genuinely feeling confident, ready and excited. I am currently about a week away from birthing our baby and can not wait for the journey ahead. Sally is the perfect teacher because she is warm, non judgemental, calm and very knowledgeable. My partner and I have never practiced meditation or done yoga so were not sure if hypnobirthing would be right for us. At first, we were very apprehensive but Sally made us feel comfortable and safe and, as the course unfolded, we began to really understand the theory behind hypnobirthing and it soon made complete sense. The sessions are varied in content. Sally covers theory, physical preparation, the importance of language, positive thinking, breathing, visualisations, massage and the role of the birth partner. We have found the breathing techniques and visualisations invaluable and will go on to use these in everyday life. I have learnt how powerful our minds are and have worked to re programme my mind, let go of negative thoughts and stop and focus on the here and now rather than panic and worry about what will happen in the future. I would really recommend Sally’s hypnobirthing course to anyone and everyone - even if, like us, you feel it’s not very ‘you.’ Thank you sally!

Jess and Bill

I was pregnant with our second child and after a traumatic first birth; having an emergency c-section at just 28 weeks gestation, I was desparate for a more positive experience of giving birth. If at all possible I wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and to be able to hold my baby after she was born, I wanted to feel empowered by giving birth and feel in control. But I had no idea where to start and was terrified by the idea of labour pains. I was also clueless as to the science of giving birth and how to be prepared for it. In my first pregnancy I had not even experienced a third trimester, or been able to attend any of our planned NCT classes. So this hypnobirthing course needed to teach me everything! ... And it did not disappoint. I learnt everything I needed to know and way more than I could have imagined. Sally, our trainer was awesome and so approachable, reassuring and inspiring. It felt like a wholistic and therapeutic approach to learning the science of child birth. I learnt how to take control of my racing mind, how to be in charge of pain and most importantly I learnt about what goes on in the body and all of the possible scenarios in child birth, which gave me the knowledge I needed to make informed choices on the day. My third trimester turned out to be rather turbulent and much less comfortable than I had imagined it would be. Along with many common unpleasant pregnancy health issues, I had the added complication of an irritable uterus (frequent braxton hicks contractions) and OC (Obstetric Cholestasis) where my liver was excreting bile acids into my blood making me very itchy. The medication I had for this didn't seem to help. I honestly don't know how I would have coped through the end of my pregnancy and birth without the hypnobirthing. The relaxations that I had been listening to before bed soon became the only way I could switch off from the itching and discomfort and actually fall asleep. The positive statements helped me to continue to think positively about my body, baby and being pregnant. Sally was so supportive through the entire time, and helped me and my husband to feel ready for birth.

Nikki and Ant

I signed up with Sally when pregnant with my second child. My first birth was fine but I found the pregnancy itself difficult due to a diagnosed anxiety disorder. I was a little sceptical that it could help me due to the severity of my worry but a friend had recommended hypnobirthing and so I gave it a try. I am so glad I did! 

I took part in the online, group classes and Sally was very knowledgeable and able to answer the various questions that came from the group. Sally handled the group dynamic perfectly and she invited contributions in such a way as to make everyone feel comfortable in sharing as much as we wanted. The course itself had a good balance of information and strategies we could take away with us to prepare ourselves for a relaxed birth.  Aspects such as the guided meditation readings were really affective and myself and my partner enjoyed the opportunity to practise these within the sessions. My husband and I practise each night, as Sally suggests, and they have helped clear my head of concerns before going to sleep. I personally find the visualisations particularly helpful. 

As a practitioner I found Sally very warm and friendly. She has a calming nature which I really appreciated and was totally non-judgemental of the queries and concerns I had about birth.  

Leading up to the birth, I feel calmer than before my first child and have trust that whatever form my birth takes, it will be OK. Doing the course has allowed me to actually get excited about meeting my baby rather than being blocked by anxiety about how he will arrive. I would highly recommend hynobirthing with Sally.

Amy and Ben

Sally's hypnobirthing education was critical to increasing my confidence and lowering my anxiety about giving birth for the first time. She also helped my husband feel like he was a very important part of it all. Sally provided lots of practical advice which was very empowering and enabled me to feel in control of my birth. I highly recommend the course for ALL expecting parents.

Brooke and Keith